Builders merchants who consider selling online quickly realise their requirements are different from retailers.

Merchants need to be able to manage multiple price lists, build custom catalogues, have quick order forms, build and save quotations, set account roles, credit limits, payment methods and much more.

Likewise, they have complex requirements around delivery, which must take account of the capacity and operationally efficient range of their fleet of delivery trucks.

All this complexity means that most solutions just don’t meet the requirements of the merchant business, which is why so many have either had disappointing results from eCommerce or simply have not got into it.

While many websites claim to have business to business functionality, most of these website only scratch the surface.

Many website providers do not understand the difference between the business to business and retail environments and as a result, produce solutions that don’t provide what the merchant customers need.

This is where our solution stands out.

The Merchant Turnkey solution offers the following:
  • Integration with any back-office provider.
  • Account access to the user.
  • Expose the customers unique pricing matrix and terms.
  • Customer ability to manage their own account.
  • Ability to view invoice, statements and credit balances etc.
  • Make payments.
  • Build quotations and invoices for contracts.

Our solution makes running a website easy, as we take care of all the technical aspects required to keep your website running, such as continuous developments, performance monitoring, backups, hosting, security updates and adherence to legislation such as GDPR and Cyber essentials standards etc.

We ensure your website runs smoothly and consistently in order to help our customers focus on what they do best: Merchanting. In turn, that helps our customers get the results they expect from their website.